Jim Punton   -   his life and influence

Material produced by Jim

Jim preferred to communicate by talking rather than in writing. Although his writings have had a great influence, they are not extensive. When he did produce written material he did so very thoroughly and in great detail. As a result of that he was rather notorious for missing deadlines!

This page provides access to some of Jim's material. Some of it is articles he wrote, some published transcripts of talks he gave, some audio tapes.

Most of the written material below is in PDF format. Some of the PDF files here have been produced by scanning from original material which Bob Johnston has.

Jim's best known publication is "The Community of Shalom, God's Radical Alternative" which was first published in Frontier Youth Trust Review No6 in 1977. It is based on a paper Jim prepared for the FYT conference at Leicester in 1975.

Like most speakers Jim believed in re-purposing material and some of the "Community of Shalom" material appears in the book "The Messiah People" published by Hot Iron Press, which is based on talks given at Post Green Community. Also the Community of Shalom material makes up a large part of the talk Jim gave to the Cambridge University Christian Union on Sat 24th January 1976 which is available on their web-site along with two other talks by Jim.

Written Material
TitleWhere PublishedDescription etc.
The Community of Shalom, God's Radical Alternative in Frontier Youth Trust Review No6 p13-22 (believed to be 1977)
Republished in booklet series Frontier Focus by FYT about 1987
Republished in Gap, a Journal of Christian Youth and Community Work (Australia), Issue 1-84, p7-16
This is probably the best known of Jim's writings. It explores the biblical concept of Shalom.

Reading things into the Bible in Outreach - the magazine of Scripture Union January/March 1976 p10 The Bible is often forced into the mould of our preconceptions.
Codes and Communicators in Outreach - the magazine of Scripture Union July/September 1976 p10 This brief one page article is about the meanings of bible words and the inadequacy of the "codes" we use to translate them.
Human Communication in FYT Review, Autumn 1972, pp17-20 a look at the theory of communication view
The Base Church in Advent magazine (Shaftesbury Project in Scotland) No4, Spring 1985, p1-7
This material is also in Appendix F of "Mission and Young People at Risk - a challenge to the Church" by Terry Dunnell
There is a typescript version also which says it is an edited transcript.
An exploration of the origins and principles of the base church movement of Latin America

A talk Jim gave at a Shaftesbury Project conference in Scotland.
Mission in Frontier Youth Trust News Winter 1972 p3-11
originally presented at the FYT conference in Nottinghan in 1971
NOTE: the editorial introduction to Frontier Youth Trust News Winter 1972 says that at the paper for the Nottingham conference had further sections.
Republished in booklet series Frontier Focus by FYT about 1987
typescript versions exist also
This major paper, using a large range of reference sources, includes sections on - The Nature of Mission, The Assignment of Mission, The Agent of Mission, The Goal of Mission etc. view
The Messiah People Hot Iron Press, Birmingham 1993 97pp transcipts of talks given by Jim at the PostGreen Community

(the tapes from which this book was compiled are available - see bottom of this page)
this book is often still available via Amazon, at the cost of about 8, - its ISBN is 0 9519492 2 5
Sexual behaviour in Bible times in Frontier Youth Trust Review No2 p13-18 A detailed exploration of how the Bible views various forms of sexual behaviour
Warning: He is Still At Large! - How some youth see Jesus First published in Outreach, the quarterly magazine of the English Scripture Union movement. Jan/Mar 1975 with the title "Youthscene"
then republished in Frontier Youth Trust Review No5 p2-5
Jesus as - clown, black, revolutionary, liberator etc.
Written not long after the height of the "Jesus Movement", and needs read in that context.
(the version from Frontier Youth Trust Review No5)

(the version from Outreach)
Youth Work and Community
IV) An Urban Getto - New York
in Frontier Youth Trust News p6-7 Autumn 1971
Just for Kicks
in Gap a Journal of Christian Youth and Community Work (Australia) Issue 4-81, p6-7
(a transcript of a talk Jim gave in October 1980 at The Master's Workshop in Melbourne - edited by Mal Rowe)

A Revolution in Process - the causes of unemployment call for radical change
in TR magazine Spring 1981
view [big size file]
Christian Witness to the Urban Poor (Lausanne Occasional Paper 22)
(Lausanne Occasional Paper 22) Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization The report was drafted by members of the "MiniConsultation on Reaching the Urban Poor" held in Pattaya, Thailand from 16-27 June 1980 under the Chairmanship of Rev. Jim Punton. Final editing was by Dr. Colin Marchant.
The Lausanne Committee website says: "The Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs) are historically important documents that have emerged from global consultations involving widely recognized evangelical leaders. The LOPs have been placed in the Lausanne Website to make more accessible and understandable the historical context and development of the various aspects of world evangelization."
The paper is available on the Lausanne Committee web site at www.lausanne.org/en/documents/lops/65-lop-22.html

The appendix, on Hebrew words for the poor, was formerly available on the Lausaune website but the link to it is no longer working. The compiler of this page has a copy of the printed booklet which includes the appendix.
Reaching the urban poor - Agenda Guidelines for Study Groups - for Thailand 1980
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization Jim was International Co-ordinator of the pre-COWE study groups on Reaching the Urban Poor. He produced this document for the pre-COWE study groups.
Revoluntionary Love in Action
in Grassroots mgazine May/June 1982 p3-4 based on a transcript, edited by Wenche Hunt 2pp
view [big size file]
Review of the book "Liberation Theology" by Andrew Kirk
in TR magazine, Winter 1979 p20
[here soon]
A Community for The King
Paper originally presented at the FYT Leicester Conference in 1975
FYT pamphlet 8pp duplicated
Republished by FYT 1987
the relationship between the Church, the Kingdom and the World
Towards a Training Strategy
FYT 10pp duplicated undated, but believed to be late 1971
On Being magazine, Australia April/May 1977 p42-43 An extensive interview with Jim, while he was on a five month visit to Australia early 1977
Inportant material here on Jim talking about what brought him to his radical understanding and stance"
view [big size file]
[the copy this is created from is a very poor photocopy; anyone got a better version?]
Claims Made By Jesus
6pp duplicated An Introduction by Ian Milligan
(The introduction has a link to Jim's material)
The Kingdom of God - Concordance 8pp duplicated

What is Frontier Youth Trust
A description from Jim of FYT Published in the SU Scotland magazine Tell in Autumn 1972.
Shalom through Jesus in Outreach, the magazine of Scripture Union, April/June 1976, p10 a 1 page article on the occurrences and meanings of the Hebrew word "Shalom" in the Bible. view
Shalom An article in "The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief" [the compiler of this page has seen reference to this article in another book, but has not seen the article itself ..."In his small article entitled 'Shalom', Jim Punton, in The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief (Tring, UK: Lion Publishing, 1982, pp. 314-315)...."]
Photocopy now received from Michael Eastman.
Enoch and Elijah: Where Are They Now?By Jim Punton and Anthony BuzzardWritten for the Conditional Immortality Mission (now known as the Resurrection Fellowship).Available on the Resurrection Fellowship website at http://www.focusonthekingdom.org/Enoch.htm
ETERNAL DESTRUCTION: the end of Evil in the words of the New TestamentConcordance Study by Jim Punton The Resurrection Fellowship, 1984An Introduction by Ian Milligan (The introduction has a link to Jim's material
Evangelical Views on Mission and Development (Viewpoint) by Andrew F Walls and Jim Punton (1975) this book is mentioned in Google Books
but the compiler of this page has not been able to trace it

Audio material

Talks available online:
A talk Jim gave, titled "Vocation", to Cambridge University Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU) on Sat 24th January 1976 can be found here - http://media.ciccu.org.uk/download/185      play a 1 minute clip we've made from this talk
There are also two other talk by Jim at the CICCU media site.
The other two are titled "Who's lost?" (January 1977)
and "Prayer"

Talks on tape:
Greenbelt 1979 (26 August) Jim speaking on "The Kingdom and the System"
  play a 2.5 minute clip we've made from this talk
Greenbelt 1982 Jim speaking on "Poverty in Britain"
  play a 20 sec. clip we've made from this talk
Greenbelt 1983 Jim on a panel responding to questions after a talk from another speaker.
  play a 45 sec. clip.

Scottish Shaftesbury Project Conference, Crieff, 1983 - Jim speaking on "The Good News about the Kingdom of God"

We are hoping to get some of these tapes fully converted to MP3 format and to make them available.

Tapes from Jim's talks at the Post Green Community:
(mp3 format, high quality, big downloads)
  The Messianic Vision 51MB 36 minutes  download or listen
  The Messianic Task 80MB 57 minutes  download or listen
  The Messianic Mind 101 MB 1hr 12 minutes  download or listen
  The Messianic Fellowship 105MB 1hr 14 minutes  download or listen
This is the audio material from which the book The Messiah People (Hot Iron Press, 1993) was compiled. Our thanks to Bill Farra of the Community of Celebration for making these files available.

Please note that the audio material listed above is only what the compilers of this page have access to. We believe that there is lots of other material - for example other tapes from Greenbelt, tapes from Dundee Street Level, tapes from Post Green, etc.

Please get in touch if you know of other Jim Punton material. Both written and audio. You can get in touch via the comments page.